What I have enjoyed reading recently

One of my goals for this year is getting more receptive to the voice of God. Often I have such a hard time just listening to God’s voice, because I am so used to getting things done quickly and if things do not happen in my timing, I will start doing something else. This is what the society tells us all the time. I just want to take time and listen. His voice might sound like a whisper at first, but once you get to know Him and His voice it will be much more clear.I was really inspired by the book ‘Receptivity’ by Daniel K. Norris when I set this goal:

This book  is written by Daniel daniel norrisNorris-a graduate from Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, husband, pastor, missionary, producer, author,planter of Heartland World Ministries along with his wife Jenna and evangelist Steve Hill, director of Redline Student Ministries for 10 years and launcher of the Collision Youth Conference. This book takes the parable of the sower as its starting point.

When I opened this book at first and I realized how the focus in this book was how to be receptive to the voice of God, I thought: “How can this book help me, when I am already hearing the voice of God? It might not be often I hear Him, but I still hear Him sometimes.”As the book came to a close I realized how wrong I was. I know so little of God compared to how much there is to know about Him. Though humility is not even mentioned in the book, this book taught me a lot about it. At the end of the book my prayer was not to be satisfied by just drinking a little of the water, but to jump in the ocean and have it all. And my prayer is the same for you. Dear friend, you might have not experienced God yet or you might hear His voice on a daily basis, no matter what your relationship is with God, this books encourages you to search for more of Him. Because the truth is: there is so MUCH MORE!

One of my favorite quotes from the book is:

His words, like the air we breathe, are life to us. You don’t just breathe once a day and consider that to be enough. You continually draw it in and out.

Though this book is mainly about how to become receptive to the voice of God, is teaches so much more. Not many books are like this.
Buy the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Receptivity-Tuning-God%C2%92s-Daniel-Norris/dp/0768407044
ore about Daniel and his ministry: http://www.danielknorris.com/

What book have you been loving recently?


6 thoughts on “What I have enjoyed reading recently

  1. Maria @ Confessions First says:

    I’ve been reading “What happens when women say Yes to God” by Lysa TerKeurst and a Homeschooling book by Sally Clarkson. But I haven’t gotten through all of them! And I’m also learning to lean in to the Lord and listen to Him. It’s been rough.


  2. Daria says:

    Your post is so true! In order to become close to God, it is not a one time occurrence, it’s repeated efforts to know and understand his teachings. I’m reading Re-Discovering Jesus! Thanks for sharing!

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